December 16: Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music

Publisert 20/10/15

Workshop @ Kafe Saba // Hollendergata, 0190 Oslo // December 16 // 5’30-10pm // Free entrance
Becoming an impactful artist is one of the most rewarding careers possible but building a successful career cannot be put down to one key idea or piece of advice – there are no shortcuts! In this workshop we’ll give you an insight into how to build a successful career.

Build a successful career
A workshop that deals with strategies to grow your audience and how get people to sponsor your dreams. What information do you need to gather? How do you pitch to different industries? What are the different types of sponsorship? How do you access sponsorship when you do not fit the norm. You’ll get a unique insight into how this is done, and how to sell your ideas and vision to potential sponsors.
By Thomas Talawa Prestø