April 24: Jazz in Khartoum ft. Live Foyn Friis

Publisert 10/04/18

Live music | Every Tuesday | Khartoum
@ Khartoum Contemporary Art Center / Bernt Ankers gate 17


Live Foyn Friis starts the evening with a short performance at 19:30. After the solo she will be joined by a group of invited musicians. There will be 3 sets of live music. Free entrance.

On Tuesdays this historic basement is filled with live music. Lots of musicians and a huge variety of instruments in a free falling improv session, so come listen, meditate or dance! 

Feature artist 24.04: Live Foyn Friis (vocal)

Live Foyn Friis, born the 10th of September 1985, is a Norwegian jazz singer and songwriter educated at the University of Tromsø’s Faculty of Fine Arts, The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with a Master degree from The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus (2011). She is currently studying Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Music (speciale) at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus.

She has initiated and been a part of many different bands and musical projects, toured nationally and internationally with several different bands, such as Foyn Trio!, Liis & Live Foyn Friis. She has also performed with well known names such as North Norwegian Symphonic Orchestra (NO), Danmarks Radios Big Band (DK), Aarhus Jazz Orchestra (DK), Brian Blade(US), Thomas Morgan(US) and Bobby McFerrin (US).

She was nominated for the Danish Music Awards 2012 with her debutalbum “Joy Visible” (The Best Danish Vocal Jazz Album), and in 2015 with Running Heart & With Strings (Vocal Jazz Album & Special Album of the Year), and she won the prise The Years Young Jazz Composer, and Denmark’s New Jazz Star last year by DR and DPA.

Currently she is working with “Foyn Trio!”/”Live Foyn Friis” which exists in three ways:
The trio, “Foyn Trio!” which started in 2009. They made the album Joy Visible, an improvised pop album, and they have toured around Europe with this music over the last years. Line up: Live Foyn Friis – vocals, loops, Alex Jønsson – guitar, voice, Jens Mikkel Madsen – bass, voice.

They also formed a quartet named “Live Foyn Friis”, consisting Live Foyn Friis – vocals, Alex Jønsson – guitar, voice, Jens Mikkel Madsen – bass, shynts, voice & Andreas Skamby – drums. This is the same band, only with drummer Andreas Skamby in addition. They made the next album: Running Heart, which is soon to come out. This is an indie-jazz album, where they stretch the borders between jazz and indie-pop. And this band is fit to play at pop-rock sceens, and festivals. The music is much louder!

Also the project “Live Foyn Friis with Strings” will soon release a new album – “With Strings”. Here they are 8th musicians, with the string quartet. This music is more similar to the first Foyn Trio! album, and more fit to jazz venues and jazz festivals. The music is chamber jazz. Crossover, with beautiful arrangements for strings made by Foyn and by Kasper Bai (DK).

This is her heart project, and Live is the bandleader and composer in the trio, quartet and 8th-tet. But as all many jazz musicians, she has also has other bands and projects where she are featuring artist.

Other projects:
Live Foyn Friis with Jazz Orchestra – Her music arranged out for big band. This started out with her performing with the DR Big Band in Copenhagen 2012. She got more of her songs arranged out for big band by the danish arranger Jesper Riis. Now she has a hole night concert concept with her music with big band, and is touring as a soloist and perform this with different big bands. She will make an album with this music with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra.

Live Foyn Friis Jazz Quintet – They play Lives more jazzy music, made with inspiration by the nordic jazz, and american jazz. This is with much improvisation, and scat, and they mix the old american jazz standards with Lives jazz compositions. This band is concisting: Thomas Torstrup (NO) – piano, Trygve Fiske (NO) – bass, Jakop Janssønn – drums and Hanna Paulsberg (NO) – sax/Simen Kiil Halvorsen(NO) – trumpet. This band will go on tour in Africa – Angola, november 2014.

Kid Drum – A Danish-American-Norwegian group concisting Thomas Morgan (US) – bass, Nikolaj Hess (DK) – piano, Daniel Sommer (DK) – drums. They will play at some festivals in Denmark during the summer 2014, and record an album in System Two Studios in the fall 2014 with music of Live, and some jazz standards, with arrangements of Hess.