Publisert 28/09/13

BLÅ | OCT 25 | CLUB KOÈJU | 23’00 pm | CC: 100

A club night unlike any other. Two tech geeks with scifi instruments keep the dance floor in a frenzy with their melodic, funky future-beats. Pumping out high energy, genre busting, improvised and most importantly; 100% live electronic music. Koèju have been playing monthly club nights at Blå for a couple of years, but have now translocated to Barcelona where they have been soaking up the sun, honing their skills and pushing their music to the next level. They are back for the weekend to take you on a journey flying carpet style, from raw disco to improvised beat madness.
B4, between & after sets, DJ Baz delivers FRESHNESS..
(FutureBeats / Grime / Juke / Footwork /
Deep Techy Uptempo / Freeform Electronica / BadmanBass Slammers

Line up:
Simon Valentine – Machine
Åsmund Skuterud – Push
DJ Baz