December 12: Jazz in Khartoum ft. Strønen & Extended Ground & Slåen

Publisert 08/12/17

Live music | Every Tuesday | Khartoum
@ Khartoum Contemporary Art Center / Bernt Ankers gate 17


At 19.30 Thomas Strønen & the Extended Ground ensemble plays a mesmerizing drum performance. The second set will be a jam session with members of the Extended Ground and other invited musicians. The third set will be something different.

On Tuesdays this historic basement will be filled with live music. Lots of musicians and a huge varie of instruments in a free falling improv session, so come listen, meditate or dance! Free entrance -

Extended Ground is a drum- ensemble consisting of Norwegian drummers of tomorrow, lead by drummer and composer Thomas Strønen. (Food, Fennesz, Time is a blind guide, Meadow, Sidsel Endresen)

Thomas Strønen – percussion/ composer/ leader
Henrik Håland – percussion
Per Kamfjord – percussion
Veslemøy Narvesen – percussion
Christian Løken – percussion
Vegard Staum – percussion
Ola Øverby – percussion
Roland Galewicz – percussion
Torstein Slåen – guitar

Extended Ground was started six years ago to challenge the drum students at The Royal Academy of Music Oslo to work in a drum- based environment with polyphone grooves and odd time- signatures.
All the music composed and taught by Strønen, is being learnt by ear instead of notes, which is common to western interpretation. The musical inputs are directed and responded upon in speed- lightening tempo, which makes it possible to interact with who ever they play with.
Extended Ground has developed their own sound world of distinctive grooves and colourful textures. They have performed with the likes of Eivind Aarset, Prakash Sontakke, Arve Henriksen, Torben Snekkestad, Christian Wallumrød, Tore Brunborg and Ståle Storløkken, to mention some.