Conscious hip hop/dancehall konsert

Publisert 26/03/10


Global Oslo Music presenterer:

Live konsert med RAW! Hip hop, reggae, dancehall og mer blandes til en energisk miks med live musiker og DJs på scenen.

Konserten er slippefest for den nye singelen “Black House” som var profilert på South by SouthWest bransjetreff i mars 2010.  Vi får også en sneakpreview av albumet som slippes til høst 2010.

Selecta Harmony spiller før og etter konserten

Torsdag 15. april

På Dattera til Hagen, Grønland

kl. 21.30 – 03.00

konsert: kl. 22.30

cc: kr 80

Om Raw:

RAW is from the Cape Verde Islands in Africa. Raised in Norway he went through enough episodes to find out that the world and system ain’t right. In 1999 he was pulled in to an organization called “African Youth In Norway”, lead by Amani a.k.a. Brotha Buntu. Here RAW learned more about his forfathers struggles and victories, their roots and culture and the Revolutionary Heritage of his African people. Combined with his life experience this knowledge provides the basis for his strong rhymes. His words are truth and reality and he is telling His story about the past, present and future. He is a Rapper with a message, a cause and a purpose. His Revolutionary mind and Rasta heart make him a universal and balanced person livicated to betterment.